The Hostess Project

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May 28, Thursday
7pm- FREE


Presents music by...

Save the Date...

Platform for Art and Sound

JUNE 2, Tuesday 7 PM

Doors open at 6:30 PM
Presentations 7-8:30 PM

Nathan Austin

Tobias Laukemper and Kelly Warman

Morgan Packard

Three Pieces is an ongoing series which showcases three new pieces of sound, image, text or movement from local and visiting artists.

Presented by Roddy Schrock and Deric Carner in various locations.

Nathan Austin Survey Says

Will read from a procedural poem that arranges all of the answers, correct and incorrect, from two months' worth of Family Feud episodes.

They are "on board." They beautify themselves. They
brush their teeth. They brush their teeth. They buy
groceries. They cash their check. They change their
jobs. They chew gum. They comb it over. They develop
more hair. They don't like to look pretty. They don't put
on their seatbelt. They don't take care of their bedroom.
They dry flowers -- like dried flowers. They dye it. They
eat. They fall out of love.

Tobias Laukemper and Kelly Warman
Laukemper and Warman will show the collaborative film ProgRock and will screen The Announcement as an artist's presentation. Their work deals with the profession of the 'Artist' in relation to production, labour, division of tasks and the development of a critical discourse.

Morgan Packard

Morgan will present a live performance of new electronic music. Morgan's sound is rooted in a decades immersion in beat-based electronic music and informed by periods of intense study of jazz, western classical music, and computer programming. His music, created with his home-made software, Ripple, is repetitive yet constantly shifting, unmistakably digital, yet surprisingly organic. He hopes that listening to his music feels like watching fire, waves, and flocks of birds.

More information at:
UPCOMING...(keep checking, new events on the way...)

Ugly Duckling

June 27------Journal Release Party---Readings by Genya Turovskaya, Rachel Levitsky, w/ Band READING RAINBOW

Muumuu House

July 3------Book Release Party-Readings------During My Nervous Breakdown I Want to Have a Biographer Present, Brandon Scott Gorrell

Lucky Dragons

June 25th---Opening night performance--- Image Search 7:45pm

Ad Hoc Vox

July 11th---In conjunction with exhibition, Image Search at P.P.O.W

Ad Hoc Vox will present a performance series in response to Image Search. Organized by Colleen Asper and Jennifer Dudley, Ad Hoc Vox is an ongoing series of discussions and events without a fixed location that address a wide range of issues in contemporary art.

Lucky Dragons

June 25th---Opening night performance---P.P.O.W Summer Show--- Image Search 7:45pm



Reading event organized by Gary Sullivan in conjunction with the summer group show, Image Search at P.P.O.W